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Dear Patients,

Please take a moment to read this before you contact us:


Question 1: I had a blood test / x-ray/ other test and I’ve heard nothing?

Answer: We will only contact you in the event of an abnormal result – no news is good news!

Question 2: Why can’t I get through on the phone?

Answer: We receive a lot of non-urgent calls at the busiest times in the mornings and on Mondays & Fridays. Please try to call at off peak times during mid-morning and mid-afternoon so that people who need urgent same-day appointments can get through.

Question 3: Why does the receptionist ask the reason for my appointment?

Answer: The doctors have asked for this so the receptionist can book you in with the appropriate clinician.

Our reception team is bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors and nurses and will always respect your privacy and treat you with dignity.

Some other tips to make your visit to the practice smoother:

  • Please use our check-in screen to book in for your appointment
  • You can drop a pre written repeat prescription request into the post box outside – you do not need to queue to get a slip from reception.
  • You can request repeat prescriptions via: post / written note dropped in the post box outside OR via online via Patient Access. Unfortunately, we do not accept requests via mobile apps.
  • Please be patient with our reception team – they will deal with your query as soon as possible.

Thank you – The Abbotsbury Team