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Register for Online Services

You can now access a variety of services online without having to phone or visit the surgery. Sign up now to GP online services and you will be able to use a website or app to:

Online services offered

  • Booking and cancelling appointments
  • Ordering repeat prescriptions
  • Limited viewing of medical records

Our online services are quick, easy and convenient to use from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

They will save you time and help you take more control of your health, particularly if you have any long-term medical conditions which require monitoring and prescriptions. We regularly send SMS texts for self-booking routine appointments, e.g. for blood tests, smear tests, diabetic reviews, foot checks etc. We also send questionnaires to help us monitor conditions without the need for an appointment. It is very helpful if you can respond to these as a clinician will review the replies and contact you IF required.

Emis Access – A Patient Guide

The Emis Access Facility will allow currently registered patients to make appointments online and send repeat prescription requests. The patient can choose to register for either online appointments or both services but please note that photographic ID will be required for the first time when registering for online repeat prescription requests. Patients can register for it now using the following methods:

Register to make Online Appointments

  • You will need to come to the practice in the first instance to get a pin code for registration and you will be given the relevant paperwork to enable access.

You will then be able to access a number of appointments available for the following week. However, if there are no online appointments available you can still telephone the practice to get an appointment.

Online Prescription Requests

This facility can only be enabled for patients over the age of 16 and must initially  be requested in person at the practice. You must provide a photographic ID when you register for this service. Parents cannot use this system for their children’s repeat prescriptions which they must continue to request in the normal way.

You will be given the relevant paperwork to enable you to access the service

Complete the online form – Patient only

Please note: if you wish to register for online services, to access your repeat prescriptions, appointments etc., you can provide evidence of your ID, which you can upload on our online form. Once this has been verified, we will issue the necessary documentation for online services, within seven working days or more.

Please note we look closely at all applications for access to make sure they are genuine.

Access can also be withdrawn at any time if there are concerns about patient confidentiality.

Patient Access Video Tutorials

Abuse of the Online System

Abuse of the system includes, but is not exclusive to the following:

  • Sending needless or abusive messages to the Practice
  • Repeatedly booking and cancelling appointments 
  • Repeatedly booking appointments over a short period of time
  • Booking appointments and not attending them 
  • Any offensive or abusive messages through the service 
  • Requesting prescriptions that you do not need.

Proxy access

If you are an existing user of Patient Access, you may have received an email about the new ‘Proxy Access’ update which enables you to use the Patient Access website on behalf of someone else (e.g. families with young children, carers, etc.) Here at the Abbotsbury Practice, we want to ensure that patient records are safe and secure. Therefore we have taken the decision to place a hold on Proxy Access activation within our Practice. Further to this, we will also not be providing individual Patient Access login details to anyone under the age of 16 for now. We will make these services available if and when we are convinced that there is no risk to patient confidentiality. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


We take the security of your information very seriously. Our clinical systems provider ensures that the information you provide when using the online services portal is protected. All communications with the web site are encrypted, using the same high security that major banks use for their internet transactions (128 bit SSL). Only you can see the personal information you enter.

Using the most up-to-date version of your web browser also improves security of information. Remember to close the browser after use, especially if someone else could access your computer.